Wikia Messaging

Translations should now be done using Crowdin. Some messages still exist here and at translatewiki, but these shouldn't be used for any additions or changes.

Mail list

To stay tune to the latest translations requests dont forget to be part of the mailing list.

Please remember

Edits to Mediawiki messages on this wiki will change the defaults for all other wikis. Changes are not reflected immediately due to changes in message caching in MediaWiki 1.16. Take extreme care with your edits. Please remember to protect all images used in Wikia-wide messages.

Note. Messages previously updated on Community.wikia are now on this wiki and controlled here. No shared messages now live on Community Central.

Creation of local versions of the Wikia header and footer are prevented via Phalanx.


If you want to cleanup all messages that have the same value as current in-code default you can use MessagingCleanup script to greatly speed up the process.

Error messages

See the list at Error_messages